USSOCOM Selects Speer Gold Dot G2 Duty Ammunition


The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) recently awarded Speer Ammunition with a three-year contract to provide 8.5 million rounds of ammunition. The contract supplies SOCOM with Speer Gold Dot G2 Duty Ammunition, providing terminal performance to meet the demands of our nation’s warfighters.

SOCOM Selects Speer Gold Dot G2 Ammo

“When it comes to dependability and terminal ballistics, Speer is the gold standard. That’s why Speer is a top choice of law enforcement and military professionals,” said Vice President of Government Sales David Leis. “Speer continues to supply our U.S. DOD and unified forces with superior products for their efforts in protecting U.S. global interests.”

Speer Gold Dot G2 offers the ultimate performance in duty ammunition, thanks to an exclusive nose design, according to Federal. Instead of a large hollow-point cavity, Gold Dot G2 has a shallow dish filled with a high-performance elastomer. On impact, the material is forced into engineered internal fissures to start the expansion process. The result is extremely uniform expansion, better separation of the petals, and more consistent penetration across barrier types through duty handguns.

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Editor’s Take:

This latest announcement continues a proud tradition Speer owns for supplying the highest levels of law enforcement and the U.S. military. In recent years, Speer won contacts to supply the FBI, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and even foreign contracts like Nordic Police back in 2020. Each award provides another example of Speer building products that work for duty and defense. Better still, American customers benefit from all that research and design with products build for the concealed carry community. Many of those concealed carry products borrow heavily from the law enforcement and military products. Bravo, Speer and Federal. Keep on supplying all those who serve! And keep on funneling that technology and design to the American armed citizen.

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