Things That Don’t Suck: The Survival Bucket Cover Range ‘Bag’

Do you know anyone who doesn’t own at least one five-gallon bucket from Lowe’s or Home Depot? Maybe you one left over from a painting job you did or some drywall work. If you own one, you have everything you need for a range “bag.” And if you don’t, you can pick one up at your local big box store for about $5.00.

The Survival Bucket Cover lets you convert that plastic bucket into a pretty handy and functional range “bag” that lets you tote a lot of gear. It was made by a guy named Jason Hanson (you may have seen him here), a former CIA agent, an author, and the proprietor of a couple of sights selling his books, gear and tactical advice for survival in a variety of scenarios.

His Survival Bucket Cover is simple, well-designed nylon canvas sleeve much like the one some carpenters and construction workers use. The insert is sized perfectly to slip into a five-gallon bucket with loads of pockets and MOLLE connection points to hold everything you want or need to take to the range.

The 600D nylon Survival Bucket Cover slips into the bucket and secures with two Velcro straps, one on each side.

On one side are four rifle-size magazine pockets with MOLLE attachments (because tactical).

On the other side are four pistol magazine-size pockets with the website subtly embroidered near the top.

Inside the bucket are 12 sewn-in pockets of various sizes.

They give you loads of options for carrying more mags, a bore snake, a flashlight, a knife, a multi-tool, cleaning gear…whatever. And the bottom is, well, a bucket. Load it up with ammo, eyes, ears, a cleaning kit, first aid kit, a mat, or as much other stuff as you can carry.

The Survival Bucket Cover is a well-made, functional way to load up your gear for the range in a handy, easily toted package.

It’s not fancy, it won’t wow your friends, and it’s not a ground-breaking design, though I haven’t seen another “tactical” design like it outside of sleeves designed to hold tools. It is, however, made in America of quality materials that are put together well with tough stitching that will hold up to a lot of use.

The downside is, at $59, it probably costs $15 or $20 more than you’d expect. You can get a decent range bag for that amount, though it won’t be as flexible or carry as much gear as this set-up does. The Survival Bucket Cover may not be ideal for every situation, but works really well for a lot of your range trips. It’s a good product that I like and will use. It’s quicker to pack up and unload gear and holds more than other range bags I own.




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