Things That Don’t Suck: KA-BAR Dozier Precision Hunter Knife


Hi, my name is Dan and I’m a knife addict. I don’t know if there’s a 12-step program for my condition, but I haven’t really hit rock bottom yet, so I’m pretty sure I can handle it. No, really…I can.

Anyway, I have a lot of knives…EDC blades of all shapes, sizes and steels. But one of the knives that impresses me most is this simple, inexpensive $24 KA-BAR folder.

The unassuming Dozier Precision Hunter lock back won’t be confused by any knife knut as a prestige item. It’s made in Taiwan and has an AUS-8 blade with a Zytel fiberglass handle, all of which keeps it light and very affordably priced.

What makes this such a great little knife is its simple, straightforward design. The oval thumb notch means easy one-handed opening. The 3-inch hollow grind blade has a nice belly and AUS-8 — one of the best of the budget steels — resists rust well and takes an edge easily.

Plus, priced at a little more than a Jackson at retail, you don’t have to worry about beating it up. Or losing it. The Dozier Precision Hunter is a great blade to throw in an emergency kit, go-bag, tackle box, or — like mine — keep in your car’s center console. With it’s (fairly stiff) clip, it also makes a pretty darned good, slim, very pocketable EDC option.

I have knives that cost many multiples of the price of a Dozier Precision Hunter, but this thing is, all things being equal, one of my favorites. It clearly doesn’t suck.

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