Things That Don’t Suck: GuardTech Plus Universal Cleaning Kit

I have a goodly amount of gun cleaning gear. I have stuff I’ve bought on my own, vintage tools and potions I inherited from my gun-loving uncle and other dribs and drabs I’ve picked up along the way.

That’s probably not too different from the experience of most people who’ve owned guns for any length of time. But what I’ve also found is it’s incredibly convenient to have a single, portable, easily packable kit to throw in the car or a backpack. That way when you’re at the range and need to deal with a dirty gun, you’ve got everything you need easily at hand.

That’s where GuardTech Plus’s Universal Cleaning Kit shines.

The GuardTech kit comes with everything you need to deal with virtually any centerfire or rimfire gun you own aside from fluids.

The jags are made of solid brass and seem sturdy and well made (there’s a .50 cal jag, too, if you have a big boomer). The 14 bronze brushes range in size from .17 to 12 gauge, with nine cotton mops to handle all of those as well.

Combined with a multi-length cleaning rod, three brushes (stainless, brass and nylon), three plastic dental-style picks, swabs and patches, you really can handle any cleaning job you’re likely to come up against.

GuardTech — an American company — also includes plastic bottle. Use that for bore cleaner and throw in a few RemOil wipe packets and you’ll have everything you need. GuardTech even includes a handy bore snake for quick cleaning jobs.

The whole thing fits in a molded 10×15 case that’s secure and keeps everything in its place. You won’t have all of the bits and parts rattling around and then hard to find when you need them.

For everything that’s included, the price of the kit is downright reasonable. The kit is found online for about $48. The GuardTech Plus kit is one of the best buys in an all-in-one cleaning kit we’ve found.


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