The Best Rifle Calibers for Reloading

Reloading your ammo is a great way to save money, plus it can leave you with a sense of accomplishment. And, believe it or not, reloading is a lot of fun. Whether you are an avid shooter or hunter, if you have never tried reloading, then you will definitely want to give it a shot. Once you have the proper reloading supplies and equipment, in no time, you’ll be turning empty shell casings into ready-to-use rounds.

However, the caliber of the round will determine how easy reloading will be and how much money you will save. Even though the overall reloading process is similar for every rifle caliber, some differences make certain rounds better than others. Here is a shortlist of the best rifle calibers for reloading.

.22 Caliber Rounds

There are several different .22 caliber rounds that are commonly reloaded, including the .22LR (long rifle), .220 Swift, and .223 Remington (5.56mm NATO). The .22LR is the most widely used cartridge in the world. Unfortunately, the .22LR is a rimfire round, not a centerfire round, which makes reloading the cartridge incredibly difficult and laborious. Therefore, the .22LR is not one of the best calibers for reloading.

On the other hand, the .220 Swift and .223 Remington are very popular among reloaders, especially the .223 Remington. The brass casings for the .220 and the .223 are relatively cheap, and there is an array of bullet types available for them, ranging from the ultralight 55gr full-metal jacket (FMJ) rounds to the formidable 80gr boat tail hollow points (BTHP). The .220 Swift and .223 Remington are perfect for hunting small to midsized targets.

.243 Winchester

The .243 Winchester is a caliber lauded for its accuracy and reliability, making it a must-have for serious shooters. It is effective for controlling varmints when equipped with 58gr V-MAX rounds, and near the other end of the spectrum, the 95gr SST (Super Shock Tip) is optimal for hunting.

Certainly the .243 Winchester is a capable round in the field, but it is also one of the top choices among reloading enthusiasts. Some claim that the .243 Winchester is the cheapest round to reload. The reason for this cost-effectiveness stems from the .243s popularity, and the availability of the reloading supplies. So, if you own a .243 Winchester and still spending your hard-earned money on overpriced ammo from the store, it is high time you start reloading.

.270 Winchester

An often overlooked caliber in general, the .270 Winchester is a versatile hunting round, capable of taking down prey as large as an elk. And while it is a formidable caliber for hunting, it’s not as effective in target or competition shooting. Unlike some rifle calibers, which have a wide range of bullet weights, Winchester .270 rounds only vary by about 30gr, with 110gr BTHP bullets on the low end and 140gr SST rounds on the high end.

It is true, the .270 Winchester is not going to win a popularity contest, but it nonetheless remains a prevalent, well-liked caliber among reloading enthusiasts. Reloading .270 ammo still provides massive savings over store-bought ammo, plus there are a bunch of handy reloading gadgets that work seamlessly with the caliber.

.308 Winchester

When the .308 Winchester hit the market, it immediately became one of the top-selling rifle calibers in North America, and many other countries. The .308 is an excellent hunting round, effective for medium to large targets. In addition, it is incredibly accurate, making it the preferred choice of military snipers, police sharpshooters, and competition target shooters. The .308s versatility comes from the numerous bullet weight options, which range from an ultralight 110gr V-Max round to the punch-packing 250gr A-TIP MATCH round.

If you are considering reloading your .308 Winchester ammo, do not waste another second stuck in indecision, and instead, do it! Reloading your .308 ammo will not only save you loads of money, but it will open up new possibilities for testing different bullet weights and types. There is no shortage of reloading supplies for the .308 Winchester, so start reloading today!

.45 Caliber Rounds

There are numerous variations of .45 caliber rifle ammo and the most common for reloading are the .45-70 Springfield (alternatively called the .45-70 Government) and the .458 Winchester Magnum. Both the .45-70 Springfield and the .458 Winchester are massive rounds and some of the largest commercially produced. They provide enough stopping power to take down anything really.

Just when you thought ammo for your small arms was expensive, consider that commercial-grade ammo for a .458 Winchester Magnum costs more than $10 per round. So, if you own a .45 caliber rifle and have been looking for a good reason to start reloading the ammo yourself, then the cost per round should be the only reason you need. And although the .45-70 Springfield and the .458 Winchester Magnum are not your typical run-of-the-mill hunting rifles, they are surprisingly prevalent.

Reloading Is Your Best Shot at Saving Money

It is no secret: reloading your spent ammo will help you save a ton of cash. However, there are certain rifle rounds that are more cost-effective than others for reloading, such as the .243 Winchester and the .308 Winchester. Of course, reloading your own ammo can help to save money, but it is also the perfect medium for spending time with family and friends, learning new things, and being productive. Best of all, when reloading is complete, you get to head to the gun range to see your hard work in action! For further information and/or to peruse our online store please visit or call Titan Reloading at 262.397.8819 with any questions.

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