Speed Loaders

When it comes to handguns, there is no denying that semi-automatics reign supreme, but this hasn’t always been the case. In fact, the revolver, or wheel gun, was the go-to handgun for nearly a hundred years after first being popularized in the mid-1800s by Samuel Colt. Owing to their simple construction, revolvers are known for being very reliable and easy to use. Unfortunately, however, loading a revolver can be a time-consuming process, and thus, many shooters rely on speed loaders. But do speed loaders live up to all the hype?

What is a Speed Loader?

A speed loader is a cylindrically shaped device punched with holes to match the specific caliber and capacity of a revolver. Cartridges are loaded into the holes and locked in place near the rim of the cartridge. When it comes time to use the speed loader, it is placed directly over the cylinder of the revolver so that the cartridges are in line with the cartridge holes in the cylinder. A release button is then triggered, and the cartridges instantly drop into their corresponding holes.

True to its name, a speed loader can save you a lot of time when reloading your revolver. Better still, you can keep any number of speed loaders on hand so that the revolver can be loaded many times over. A second advantage of using speed loaders is their affordability. Most speed loaders cost between $15 – $30, making them affordable on nearly any budget. Because of their low price, it’s a great idea to grab a couple of speed loaders when purchasing your other reloading supplies. Lastly, speed loaders are very easy to use. There is a slight learning curve, but you’ll have the system in no time.

Although there are some minor drawbacks to using speed loaders, they are certainly worth consideration, especially if you’re heading to the shooting range. If concealability is a concern, it might be wise to search out other options, such as speed strips. However, in the end, speed loaders are going to save you much time when manually reloading your revolver. So the next time you replenish your reloading supplies, grab a couple of speed loaders. You won’t regret it!

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