Fiocchi Hyperformance Hunt Handgun Loads Barnes XPB Bullet

The next big, thumping handgun round for big-game hunting and wilderness defense is here! Fiocchi Hyperformance Hunt Handgun comes loaded with the devastating Barnes XPB bullet, with offerings in .357 Magnum, 10mm Auto, .44 Magnum, and .45 Long Colt.

Fiocchi Hyperformance Hunt Handgun Details

The all-new Hyperformance Hunt Handgun utilizes the same quality components from the precision hunting and defense lines. These include precision-formed cases, reliable primers, and carefully selected and measured powder charges. The new line aims to provide accuracy and reliability, according to Fiocchi.

Built for hunting and wilderness defense, failing is obviously not an option. So no-fail terminal performance remains Fiocchi’s stated goal with this new handgun line. The Barnes XTP aids in this pursuit. The hard-hitting bullet comprises a monolithic copper hollow point known to deliver devastating expasion and exceptional weight retention through deep penetration. For anyone seeking big-game, especially in wild country with dangerous critters afoot, the Barnes XTP provides necessary performance.

Fiocchi Hyperformance Hunt Handgun Loads

  • .357 Magnum (140-grain, 1,150 fps)
  • 10mm Auto (155-grain, 1,165 fps)
  • .44 Magnum (225-grain, 1,240 fps)
  • .45 Long Colt (200-grain, 1,010 fps)

Each offering comes available in 25-round boxes or eight boxes per case. For more info, visit

Editor’s Take:

We trek into wild country around here. Whether hunting big-game or merely hiking in the backcountry, ammo selection remains a critical component to any adventurer’s gear choice. Fiocchi just helped the cause with a solid selection of popular handgun cartridges loaded with the devastating Barnes XTP. The renewed interest in the 10mm here is interesting. But adding in the .44 Magnum and .45 Long Colt provides even greater versatility. Not to mention the folks that carry a carbine or lever-action rifle based on these same loads, providing cartridge commonality options with their handgun. An exciting new line, we hope to send some test rounds downrange real soon.

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