CZ Releases A Rimfire Scorpion


I’m a big fan of the Scorpion platform. It’s the right combination of an effective firearm, a clean and aggressive aesthetic and it’s a fairly affordable firearm. I own three of them, and I’m betting I’ll be owning a fourth by the end of this year. CZ has combined the CZ Scorpion that I love with the affordable rimfire .22 LR. My first impression of the rimfire Scorpion exceeded my expectations.

The Rimfire Scorpion – A Stealthy One

Typically, when we see a rimfire version of a popular firearm, it looks kind of chitzy and cheap. Lots of cheap plastic and polymer make the weapon feel and look cheap. When I hit CZ’s booth to find it, I was a bit lost.

I had to stop and read tags to figure out which one was the rimfire variant. It looks and even mostly feels like the 9mm Scorpion. The rimfire Scorpion takes after the rifle-length carbine design of the Scorpion. It is a full-sized rifle and has the look and controls of a standard rifle.

The rimfire Scorpion is a bit lighter than the 9mm version. Both are blowback-operated firearms, and the .22 LR needs a much lighter bolt than the 9mm model. The charging handle offers very little resistance.

The rimfire Scorpion gives you all the Scorpion features you know and love. This includes the awesome sights, the long optics rails, a big M-LOK, a handguard and almost entirely ambidextrous controls.

The trigger didn’t impress me, but no Scorpion trigger has ever impressed me. I don’t mind it too much, and it’s certainly not enough to dissuade a shooter from wanting one.

I think this could be a great training rifle or even a good competition rifle for something like a more casual Steel Challenge match. For me, it’s going to be a fun gun, and one I can’t wait to throw some lead down range with. The fact it’s light with a very easily adjustable stock also makes it a solid option for new shooters, including younger shooters.

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