Burris Optics’ FastFire C Optic for Compact and Subcompact Pistols


Burris Optics is no newcomer to red dot sights. Their FastFire series has been around for quite a while and each generation gets a little bit better. The FastFire C just dropped and it’s got a few new tricks up its sleeve over the previous models. The biggest thing is the “Always On” technology that makes sure your optic is ready to go when you are. It’s coupled with a 25,000-hour run time, powered by a single CR2032 battery. The sight weighs less than an ounce and allows for a 1/3 co-witness with your factory iron sights. Speaking of irons, it has a removable fixed rear sight built in that can be used in conjunction with your factory front post. That’s a neat feature, especially for some of the mounts that eliminate the rear sight on the slide. Following are more details about the new optic from Burris.

The FastFire C is Burris’ latest innovation in red dot optics. It is designed specifically for subcompact and micro-compact pistols commonly used for concealed carry. Weighing less than one ounce, the FastFire C features “Always On” technology with a 25,000-hour run time, powered by a single CR2032 battery. It also boasts a low profile, which allows for an absolute or 1/3 co-witness with standard open sights, eliminating the need for bulkier elevated sights. The Intelligent Auto-Bright system offers both automatic and manual illumination settings that allow the shooter to ensure optimal visibility in any light condition.

Key Features

  • The Fastfire C is compact and lightweight. Weighing less than 1 ounce, the FastFire C is designed to have zero impact on firearm balance or handling. The frame is built from advanced composite polymers for not only their lightweight capabilities but are rugged as well, aiding reliability and standing up to recoil.
  • With 1X magnification, the virtually parallax-free, FastFire C allows for both-eyes-open shooting, which provides enhanced awareness and ultimately better accuracy.
  • The bright red 6 MOA aiming dot is ideal for everyday carry pistols and allows for rapid target acquisition and easy aiming.
  • Burris’ Intelligent Auto-Bright feature keeps the optic on and ready for anything, no matter the lighting conditions. This system utilizes changes in light to determine if the optic is in use or being stored.
  • Fine-tune your point of aim with 80 MOA worth of elevation and windage adjustments. Even better, adjusting the windage and elevatioon require no special tools so quick adjustments on the fly at the range are made simple. The sight comes with a 1-degree (60MOA) shim for additional elevation adjustment if needed.
  • The FastFire C includes an optional rear post sight, designed to be used with the firearm’s original front iron sight. You can install or remove the rear-post sight using the same mounting screws used to mount the optic.

Burris FastFire C Specifications

Magnification: 1x

Sight Window: 22mm x 17mm

Reticle: 6 MOA

Elevation Adjustment Range: 80 MOA

Windage Adjustment Range: 80 MOA

Adjustment Graduation (MOA Per Tick Mark): 4 MOA

Operating Temperature Range: -4°F to +140°F

Storage Temperature Range: -22°F to +140°F

Power Supplly: One CR2032 Lithium battery

Dimensions: L- 1.61” x W- 0.99” x H- 0.98”

Weight: 0.44oz.

Default to Autobrightness: 5 hours

Battery Life: 25,000 hours on Medium

MSRP: $276

For more information, visit Burris online.

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