Built to Run That Shotgun Fast!

Competition shooting is upon us, and more local, regional and national matches center on 3-gun and action shotgun than ever before. To meet the growing demand, Federal Action Shotgun ammunition brings a specialized load created to blend power, cycling and control for blazing shotgun runs in competition.

Federal Action Shotgun

“Every aspect of this new ammo has been designed to help competitors run their shotgun stages more efficiently and effectively,” said Scott Turner, Federal’s Shotshell Product Line Manager. “First and foremost, this product is designed to address and eliminate hand-loading and magazine-feeding issues these athletes often encounter. Second, it delivers the quantity and power that action shotgun shooters were already seeking out. And finally, it uses the ideal components for the ultimate in pattern performance and reliability competitors can depend on.”

Action Shotgun loads feature an overshot card and roll crimp. The design adds strength and rigidity to the mouth of the shell, according to Federal. The resulting fodder improves cycling in both tube-fed and magazine-fed shotgun platforms. The shell cup utilizes brass-plated steel for more reliable feeding and extraction, along with reduction in jamming.

“It was certainly a challenge to find the right mix and match of our existing components that makeup this robust load. It took our teams a while to decide on the combination of head, primer, shot, wad system and hull to finalize the ideal recipe,” explained Turner. “We are extremely pleased with the results, and we know competition shooters will be happy too.”

Action Shotgun delivers a 1 1/8-ounce payload of No. 7.5 lead pellets running at a muzzle velocity of 1,235 fps. Federal claims this velocity strikes a perfect balance between providing power to knock down steel targets with the recoil management to run those blazing fast times with precision.

The new shotshell loads also feature a temp-stable powder and proven primers. The shells come bulk-paced in 200-round cases, perfect for a long day on the range or for match weekends. For more info, please visit federalpremium.com.

Editor’s Note:

Most competitors use pretty basic birdshot for 3-gun and action shotgun competitions. Shooters often look for shells in bulk, from Walmart and the like. They hope to find the most economical value they can. Most of the time you really don’t need anything too special to run a local 3-gun or shotgun match. But for those looking to find that little bit of extra performance, this new load presents an interesting choice. We hope to get some out on the range real soon and see how it performs. Because we love running our shotguns like they’re on fire!

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