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This year’s SHOT Show in Las Vegas was one of the biggest ever. With the COVID threat greatly diminished, there were some 55,400 industry professionals in attendance, and 13.9 miles of aisles displaying all manner of firearms and accessories. I walked each and every one of those aisles with an eye out for guns, ammo, and gear that would appeal to cowboy action shooters (CAS). Not all of these products are new, but they cover the gamut of goods cowfolks might be interested in. Let’s take a look at some of the best cowboy guns and gear for 2024!

Best Cowboy Guns & Gear for 2024

Bond Arms Cowboy Defender

A popular pistol used in CAS Derringer Side Matches is from Bond Arms. It closely replicates the Remington-Elliot over-and-under derringers of the Old West; especially this model. Made of stainless steel, with 3-inch barrels, it’s chambered in .357 Mag. or .45 Colt, and has checkered Rosewood grips. It has a rebounding hammer with a high spur, retracting firing pins, and the locking lever is easy to manipulate for reloading.

MSRP: $543 (

Cimarron Arizona Ranger Competition SA

The Colt SAA in .45 Colt was the issue sidearm of the Arizona Rangers. This realistic replica from Cimarron has a 5.5-inch barrel and is chambered in .357 Mag. or .45 Colt. Made for CAS competition it has a square-notch rear sight, with constant-wide blade front sight, a tuned action, with competition-grade hammer and trigger springs, plus a slender slim, checkered walnut grips. “Arizona Ranger” is engraved on the barrel.

MSRP: $842.01 (

Ruger Wrangler “Cowpoke Edition” Wrangler

Now with a more traditional look, this new Ruger Wrangler version has a Cobalt Cerakote Finish, with wood grips, and a 4.62-inch barrel. This modern single-action revolver is chambered for .22 LR cartridges and has a transfer bar mechanism that allows all six chambers in the cylinder to be loaded safely. An alloy frame keeps the weight at 30 ounces. The size, weight and caliber is prefer for little Buckeroos and Buckerettes.

MSRP: $249.99 (

Taurus Deputy Sixgun

Taurus is back out with a new SA sixgun to replace the Gaucho; it’s called the Deputy. It has an Old West design and look, but modern features. A transfer bar mechanism allows it to be carried fully loaded safely. Barrel lengths include 4.75 and 5.5 inches, and it comes chambered in .357 Magnum and .45 Colt. The Deputy has a beautiful deep satin black finish and checkered black polymer grips.

MSRP: $606.99 (

Taylor’s & Company 1875 Outlaw 9mm

Yes, that’s right, this Uberti replica of the Remington Model 1875 SA six-shooter now comes in the 9mm chambering; a popular and inexpensive cartridge. Featuring a 5.5-inhc barrel, all-blue finish and two-piece walnut grips. The Model 1875 was favored by Outlaw Frank James; this modern wheelgun has a forged steel frame and is “Taylor-Tuned” with an out-of-the box, competition-ready action.

MSRP: $846.94 (

Cimarron Firearms Model 1894 Trapper Lever-Action

Looking much like the Winchester Model 94 carbine carried by famed Texas Ranger Joaquin Jacson, this newest lever-gun from Cimarron is chambered .30 WCF (.30-30) and features a 16.10-inch barrel, all blue finish, with color case-hardened hammer and lever, and a lacquered walnut stock. It has the traditional top-ejection action invented by John Browning, and has been called the “ultimate lever-action design.”

MSRP: $1,496.26 (

Heritage Mfg. Settler Lever-Action Rifle

Heritage is now offering a .22 LR lever-gun. This version has a 20-inch barrel, aluminum alloy receiver with simulated color-case finish, a polished black oxide barrel, enlarged lever, cross-bolt safety, and a hardwood stock with Heritage “brand.” Weight is just 5.3 pounds. perfect for those Buckeroos and Buckerettes. It also comes in Settler Compact (16.5-inch barrel) and Mare’s Leg (12.5-inch barrel) versions.

MSRP: 20-inch is $507.99 (

GForce “Huckleberry” 357 Lever-Action Rifle

“I’ll be your huckleberry!” This new lever-gun combines Wild West looks with modern construction and design. To hold down the weight (5.5 pounds) it has an aluminum receiver that’s mated to a 20-inch barrel, and a capacity of 10+1 .357 Magnum cartridges. Based on the Model 1892, other options include a brass or blue receiver. This version has an over-sized lever with leather wrap, and a rubber butt-pad.

MSRP: $699 (

Marlin Classic Model 1894 Lever-Action Carbine

It’s been a while since a newly manufactured Marlin Model 1894 was available; now Ruger is cranking them out in .357 Magnum. A favorite of CAS competitors, this version has an 18.63-inch barrel, 9+1 (10+1 in .38 Spl.) cartridge capacity, alloy steel receiver and barrel, with a satin blue finish, and American black walnut stock that is checkered, has a rubber butt-pad, and sling swivels. A second version has a 20.25-inch barrel.

MSRP: $1,279 (

Smith & Wesson Model 1854 Lever-Action Rifle

There was a rumble (Colt vs. Winchester) when a revolver-maker produced a lever-gun! Harking back to their small “Volcanic” lever-action handgun in 1854, S&W introduces the Model 1854 in two versions. One is stainless steel with a black synthetic stock, the other blue steel and fine walnut. Both are .44 Magnums with a 19.25-inch barrel, rail/ghost ring rear sight, gold bead front sight, large loop lever, and 9+1 capacity.

MSRP: $1,279/3,499 (

Winchester Ranger Lever-Action Rifle

Looking like the late, great Model 9422, the new Ranger has a machined aluminum receiver, black anodized, with an engineered smooth lever-action cycle, plus an adjustable trigger. Chambered in .22 LR, it has a 20.5-inch chromoly steel barrel, 15-round tubular magazine, adjustalbe rear sight, hooded front sight, satin finished walnut stock, is can be taken down by removing one big screw. Sure to delight buckeroos/buckerettes.

MSRP: $419 (

Charles Daly 500 Side-By-Side Coach Shotgun

This SHOT show I saw lots of lever-guns and shotguns too. One that’s sure to excite the CAS crowd is Charles Day’s new Coach-Gun. All steel with a matte-black finish, it has a checkered walnut stock and forend, 20-inch barrels, with interchangeable chokes. The box-lock action has a single selective trigger with reset, and manual safety. It is a 12 gauge with 3-inch chambers, push-up extractor, and bead front sight.

MSRP: $650.37 (

Heritage Mfg. Badlander Coach Shotgun

Heritage is not only breaking into lever-guns, but double-barrel coach guns too. This 12 gauge scattergun has 18.5-inch barrels with a black chrome coating, push-up extractor and a steel, box-lock action, with a black oxide finish. The stock and forend are checkered walnut with a Heritage “brand.” It also has double triggers and a manual safety, plus brass bead front sight. This old-school design would make Black Bart happy!

MSRP: $893.99 (

Sipahi Hunting and Tactical Ancient Side-By-Side Shotgun

Another coach-gun with shade of the Old West. This box-lock smoothbore has 18-inch blue steel barrels, 12 gauge, 3-inch chambers and push-up extractors. The steel receiver is color case-hardened, and it has a single-selective, gold-plated trigger. The Turkish walnut stock is checked on the pistol grip and forend, plus it’s oil-finished, with a black rubber butt-pad. There is also a manual safety on the tang and bead front sight.

MSRP: $950 (

Aguila Ammunition .45 Colt Cowboy Cartridges

Many calibers of ammunition are still hard to find, especially it seems for CAS folks. Aguila Ammunition is producing one “cowboy” load in .25 Colt. It as a 200-grain round nose, flat-point bullet at a listed muzzle velocity of 600 FPS, and a reloadable brass case.

MSRP: Approximately $59.99 (

Fiocchi of America Cowboy Action Ammunition

When I think of this outfit, it’s usually for shotgun shells, but they also make ammo for CAS. Actually, they make eight loads in seven calibers. One of my favorites is the .44 Special. It has a 210-grain lead flat-nose bullet, that launches at 750 FPS muzzle velocity. Double-base powder provides consistent performance and the brass case is reloadable.

MSRP: Approximately $69.99 (

HSM Cowboy Cartridges

If you are not familiar with HSM cowboy loads you should be; their .357 Magnum round with 158-grain lead SWC bullet at 1,175 FPS muzzle velocity, is one of my favorites. They make ammo in 16 “cowboy” handgun and rifle calibers, with 19 different loads. Some of these calibers like .30-40 Krag or .32-40 Winchester are hard to find.

MSRP: Approximately $39.99 (

Magtech Cowboy Action Loads

Another manufacturer making cowboy ammunition is Magtech. They produce 13 “cowboy” cartridges in 20 different loads. A popular round in CAS is the .38 Special. Magtech makes a load with a 125-grain lead flat-point bullet at a muzzle velocity of 920 FPS. They are a great choice for SA revolvers and lever-action rifles.

MSRP: Approximately $38.99 (

El Paso Saddlery

Some of the most authentic Old West-style leather holsters and belts comes from the “West Texas Town of El Paso.” I can attest to the quality and good looks of EPS goods as I own several of their rigs. All come in russet brown color with choice of border stamp, basketweave, fish-scale or floral carving. Outfits like the Rio Grande Rig or the 1880 Ranger holster take you back in time.

MSRP: $115 (

Galco Holsters

A top outfit for CCW shucks, Galco also makes holsters and belts for CAS. Their Model 1880’s Strong Side and Cross-Draw holster are perfect for cowboy competitors. Made of premium steerhide, it’s a high-ride design, hand-molded, with a hammer thong, and fits belts up to 3 inches wide.

MSRP: $149 (

Triple K Mfg. Co.

As you can see in the photo, Triple K has all the bases covered for CAS. This outfit has really improved over the years and their products are top shelf. They make 16 “cowboy” holsters and 8 belts. One of my favorites is the Rooster Cogburn holsters and belt. This rig really has “True Grit,” as a belt and holster combo.

MSRP: $249 (

Heritage Mfg. Cedar Wood Gun Boxes

Heritage really has the cowboy shooter covered. They make no less than a dozen wood boxes with Old West themes on the lids. Made of cedar, with brass fittings, the have black foam on the inside precut to take a Heritage Rough Rider sixgun with up to a 6-inch barrel and standard grip frame, plus it’ll hold two extra cylinders. It offers protection and looks great too.

MSRP: $29.99 (

Hi-Lux Precision Optics

Want a period-correct scope for your cowboy rifle? Look no further than Hi-Lux. Their long and short Old West-style scopes are named after William Malcom, an early scope-maker. They make 6X barrel-length scopes and 3-6X short scopes that include bases and rings with external windage and elevation adjustment.

MSRP: $400 (

Triple K Butt Plates and Grips

Lots of us CAS folks use vintage firearms in competition. Some guns like the old “Owl Head” pocket revolvers or grandpa’s old shotgun have damaged grips or butt plates. Triple K to the rescue! This company has the world’s largest selection of vintage replacement grips and butt plates. They are authentic; I have a set on an old Hopkins & Allen Safety police .38 revolver.

MSRP: $41.50 (

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